Stairways by Gatehouse Partners

This floating staircase elevates an already grand entrance hall in more ways than one.

Floating stairway near front entry

Photos Courtesy of Gatehouse Partners

February 11, 2021

Kristen Sullivan
Gatehouse Partners, sales and marketing director

Kristen Sullivan

Designed by Tanner White Architects, in Westport, Conn., ...

Stairway with steel structural supports by Gatehouse Partners

...  this floating staircase elevates an already grand entrance hall in more ways than one. It began with the installation of a steel structural support into the wall to carry the weight of the staircase.

Closeup of floating steel stairway supports

Next, a metal side stringer was welded to make each tread, creating the framework of the piece. Each of those metal treads was then ensconced in exquisite 1 ½-inch, quartersawn white oak to create the industrial-chic floating effect.

Steel rods act as decor and as support for floating steel stairway

For the staircase to truly take flight, a ½-inch-diameter stainless steel vertical rod was attached to each tread and strung up to the high ceiling above. Besides providing a stunning visual aesthetic, the rods lock the floating staircase firmly in place, eliminating any bounce or “diving board” effect on the individual steps.


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