Stairways by Richard Landry

The staircase is a reflection of the style of the house and should connect to the design of the residence itself

Stair with curvilinear theme

Photo: Roger Davies

February 11, 2021

Richard Landry, AIA
Landry Design Group, president and founder

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A staircase can be a functional, discreet feature or it can make a statement. In a traditional, French-inspired home, a grand staircase can fulfill a client’s dreams, while modern environments can provide opportunities to create something sculptural. Since the stair is a reflection of the house style, it should connect to the design.

Stairway as a metal sculpture designed by Richard LandryPhoto: Erhard Pfeiffer

For this sleek monument to modernism in California’s Hollywood Hills, the staircase doubles as sculpture, wrapped by an exterior glass wall and supported by a structural spine underneath that makes the stair appear to float.

Curvilinear starway designed by Richard LandryPhoto: Roger Davies

This staircase isn’t viewed in isolation but echoes the home’s prevailing curvilinear theme. As you come upon it and ascend, you feel the wave in the Zaha Hadid-designed marble wall panels and how it changes, and the wall’s visual movement is exciting.

Italian-style stairway design by Richard Landry rising in a stair towerPhoto: Erhard Pfeiffer

In this Italian-style country home where we continued the stone from the exterior to inside the stair tower, the railing is appropriate to that language.


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