Striking Details by Mark Batson and Bridgett Mazer

Seaside sunbeams and maritime stargazing are reflected through the textures and colors in this North Carolina Low Country home.

Coastal Mediterranean gathering room and wine cellar

Photos: Joshua Curry Photography

March 26, 2018

Mark Batson and Bridgette Mazer head shots

Mark Batson and Bridgett Mazer

Tongue & Groove

Wilmington, N.C.

This home was built on a stretch of North Carolina Low Country fronting the Intracoastal Waterway and within view of the Atlantic Ocean. To capture the mood of seaside sunbeams, full-moon risings, and maritime stargazing, the home’s Brazilian calcite countertops feature LED underlighting, adding iridescent depth to the stovetop backsplash and kitchen island.

Kitchen island with calcite countertop

The island’s corbel corners also capture the complexity of colors and textures of the materials used in this space 

Corner corbel detail

 Dramatically underlit blue agate in the gathering room, and in the powder room’s floating vanity shown below further echoes the coastal environment and creates subliminal underwater illusions. 

Vanity with floating blue agate

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