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Case Studies

Various case studies on Residential Projects, and Products in the Residential Remodeling and Building industry.

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The Art of Weaving Custom Homes into the Urban Fabric

These homes demonstrate the challenges and opportunities of custom urban infill

Case Studies

A Pittsburgh Rowhouse With a View

Working mostly within the city limits but in a variety of neighborhoods on different building types, architect Darren Lloyd says every project is instructive for projects that follow, regardless of type.

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Case Studies

Urban Homes: A Place in the City

Despite design challenges, permit hurdles, and pressure from the neighbors, two urban homes offer inspired solutions

Case Studies

Vacation Homes: Change of Climate

Two dramatic getaways make the most of their environments


Backstory: Sense + Sensibility

Business smarts and old-meets-new design have helped Environs Development carve itself a niche with stately infill homes in Chicagoland


Micro-fluency: Sí se puede!

Working at my second office yesterday (Starbucks), two latino twenty-somethings and their language choices caught my attention.   They were…


4 tips for the coming labor crunch

A CNN Money article this week elaborated on what many construction firms already know: good labor is now hard to find.  Some find this news…


How to use information to become indispensable

This thing will change your life.   It may appear to be another timemarking commodity.  It’s not.   This clock not only…


Socialize this

There’s a new business buzzword spreading like Strep Throat. I’m betting it’s still in the early adoption phase, but these viral epidemics (pandemics…

Marketing & Sales

Great home plans: check out this 2,500-square-foot head turner

Today we have a ranch (or if you are on the East Coast, a rambler) to review. It is a Lean Design with a ton of amenities, and it is a beauty. I’m…

Best Practices

The design side - Kicking it up a notch

Come January 2013, we’re taking HousingZone’s already stellar coverage of residential design to a new level. Look for weekly blog posts from yours…


Retirement redefined: Custom-built homes for aging in place

These custom homes were designed for retirement, but their owners are at very different stages. Here’s how they were planned for aging in place.

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