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Small-Duct, High-Velocity HVAC: What It Is and Why It Pairs Well With Modular Homes

Modular home manufacturers, builders, and owners now have many choices when it comes to indoor climate systems, but small-duct, high-velocity (SDHV) systems may be the perfect fit for these types of homes

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Creating a One of a Kind Place

Who better to create a special place to live than the people in the business of building homes that deliver on that definition every day? Working with clients to design their homes on their lots, custom builders guide the creation of memorable places. The question becomes: how do you transfer that one-of-a-kind skill from a home to a community?


Simply Fantastic

This cedar-sheathed custom home "planted" amid the rolling hills of California's famed Napa Valley bears a striking resemblance to a vineyard shed. In reality, the 996-square-foot weekend escape is dedicated to providing its owners with a sanctuary where they can find respite from their hectic urban-oriented lifestyle.


Revisiting an Overlooked Parcel

In Croton-on-Hudson, N.Y., Discovery Cove at Half Moon Bay sits on 12 acres of highly desirable riverfront, just steps from a boat marina and near the commuter rail into New York. But the site sat dormant for roughly 20 years before WCI Northeast U.S. stepped in to build 154 attached homes there. Why? "For years, complications made this land not worth developing," says Gabe Pasquale, vice presi...


Turtle Crossing in Warwick Grove

It pays to protect the environment. The Warwick Grove master plan in Warwick, N.Y., boasts a diversity of wildlife, including federally protected bog turtles that roam the marshy outskirts. When the state of New York requested developer-builder LeylandAlliance protect the slow-moving but wide-ranging amphibians, the company called upon Michael Klemens, Ph.


Eagle Clips Land Flipper

When you're walking a land parcel before acquisition, don't forget to look up...and remember the story of one land owner who moved a little too fast for his own good in an attempt to capitalize on Southwest Florida's red-hot land market. Last year, Mark A. Borinsky, 39, of North Port, Fla., sold a parcel for two and a half times his original investment of $59,000.


Lab Living

Some people can't help but take their work home with them. Take, for instance, Charles Page, who trades in his house every five years for a new one. For this Chicago architect and builder who has been creating dream homes in Chicago's North Shore suburbs for more than 40 years, the thrill isn't just that of reinventing himself twice a decade; it's business as usual.


A House Without Right Angles

Architect Matt Schlueb, principal of Schlueb Architecture, recently designed his own home in Pittsburgh, Pa., with virtually no right angles. Villa Vuoto features 2,600 square feet of living space, three levels, and simple and compounded curves, sloping walls and circular rooms. Designed to provide a stimulating environment for the architect's young son, the project was a prototype for explorin...


Creating a Community Theme

A sense of place matters just as much to luxury home buyers as the details of the floorplan and the quality of the finishes. To deliver on this desire, custom builders can borrow a page from their production builder counterparts. Here Terry Smith of architecture firm Bloodgood Sharp Buster gives a quick tutorial in creating a community theme.


Insurance Woes Top Concern List

The price of general liability insurance and the ongoing shortage of carriers willing to write such policies for builders pushed these issue to the top of NAHB's annual critical issues surveys. On a scale of one to five, where one equals not at all critical and five equals very critical, general liability insurance cost scored 4.

Cabinets, Countertops & Hardware

Cabinet Refacing

The changing face of kitchen remodeling

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