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Improve Thermal Performance and Lower Costs

An optimized value engineered approach to framing kills two birds with one stone

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Angular Faucet

The Dorrance collection of bath accessories includes a wall-mounted faucet, tub fillers, and bidet and shower sets

Cabinets, Countertops & Hardware

Sintered Surfacing

Neolith sintered stone surfaces are scratch-, stain-, and UV fade-resistant. 


'Duchess' Tile

Each style profile is inspired by old-world mosaic patterns and textures


Wood Pedestal

The Wood L-Slab Pedestal from Stone Forest is made from heartwood and sapwood

Best Practices

Resilient Design: Ready for Natural Disasters

Resilient design creates homes that can survive natural disasters and stay functional in the aftermath



Cosentino's freestanding bespoke credenza emphasizes collaboration, and a fusion of patented and naturally-sourced materials


The Challenges Of Building Custom On Remote Sites

Building custom homes in out-of-the-way locations poses many challenges, not the least of which is septic


Kitchen Suite

Thor Kitchen is offering an entire professional-style kitchen suite for $5,000


Custom Clients Opt For Smaller, Smarter Homes

Thoughtfully designed, scaled-down homes are more sustainable, enabling clients to live well with less


Diplomacy Goes A Long Way With Infill

Custom infill projects require architects and builders to play nice with neighbors and planning officials

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