Decks and Patios by Dr. Decks (aka Jason Russell)

Making curves flow seamlessly with deck boards and transform into a work of art on the lighted glass railings.

Deck built on a slope
December 19, 2021

Jason Russell
Dr. Decks, Owner

This deck project was a challenge from the beginning. 

Deck built on a slope

Due to the site’s extreme slope, anchoring the deck’s structure to the hillside required pin foundations (Photos courtesy of Dr. Decks).

deck board with curves

To enhance the design, we added several curved features that required us to heat-manipulate PVC planks to shape the borders, line breaks, steps, and bench seating, and all end-grain was heat-folded and glued to keep the boards from separating. Any seams on the curved surface borders are intentional. The design priority here was more art than construction, so complex curves flow seamlessly.

Deck with lighted glass railings

 The custom curved glass railing is the highlight of this project. It lights up at night to really show off this beautiful outdoor living space.

Deck with fire pit feature and night time view of the bay

 A 6-foot-wide fire feature anchors the curved bench seating, which integrates with the curved stairs that step down to the deck’s lower level. Step lighting ensures safe access to all deck levels.




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