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Clever design solutions for unique residential projects.

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A London Pub on the Lake

This custom home on Minnesota’s Lake Minnetonka incorporates the homeowners' love for London into its antique walnut bar


Guest Column: Blurred Lines

Using floor-to-ceiling sliding or folding glass doors is an effective means of enhancing the connection between interior spaces and the outdoors.

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Design Spotlight

Surfaces + Textures by Jennifer Stoner

Making bold statements and subtle accents with wall (and ceiling) paper


Cottage Industry for Vacation Homes

Two modest-size homes that welcome the vacation crowd in comfort and style

Design Spotlight

Master Suites by Mary Cook

A summer cottage master suite at a Lake Geneva, Wis., custom home


Master Suites by Shanna Lin Kerr

Focus on the client to design spaces that are deeply personal like the master suite


Artful Entry: Staircase Design

A Seattle woodworker is earning a reputation as a stair artist (and tubs too)


Top Priorities

Cary Bernstein talks about an architect's key criteria for selecting building partners

Case Studies

Urban Homes: A Place in the City

Despite design challenges, permit hurdles, and pressure from the neighbors, two urban homes offer inspired solutions

Best Practices

Landscape Adds Value

On designing a great outdoor program and making sure it gets built


Home Alone: House Design for Empty Nesters

For empty nesters, the world of design is their oyster


Design Details: Feel The Burn

San Diego designer/builder Rob Wells creates the Gnar (short for gnarly) House that breaks some rules

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