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Floodproof on a Floodplain

An impressive addition to the IDEA Home series, the NEWLOOK Experience Home is a master class in engineering and creative design, with builder Michael Freiburger out-thinking an exceptionally tricky lot


Custom Builder to Talk Color Design with Becki Owens at IBS

At this year's IBS, renowned designer Becki Owens will sit down with host James McClister, editor of Custom Builder, to discuss a variety of topics from basic color play in design to the Allura Spectrum palette, a collection of Sherwin-Williams colors curated for the benefit of pros

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Custom Builder

Make It Modern

Custom homes that meld context with forward-thinking design


Design Details: Stairways

This staircase not only connects the first and second floors; it opens the house to the backyard.

Design Spotlight

Design Spotlight: Messy Kitchens by Cheryl Kees Clendenon

Coffee pot filling station, wine bar, under counter storage, it's all there in Cheryl Kees Clendenon's messy kitchen design.

Design Spotlight

Design Spotlight: Messy Kitchens by Schumacher Homes

The messy kitchen has become a favorite trend for many homeowners.


High-Performance Custom Homes: Systemic Sustainability in Cape Cod

This Cap Cod home achieves energy efficiency and high performance with common materials


High-Performance Custom Home: Putting Down Roots With the Dogtrot Barn

A custom home in Wyoming uses barn-inspired forms to express its agrarian heritage and ensure durability, while offering comfort and a healthy indoor environment for its occupants


High-Performance Custom Home: Transforming Old Into Net Zero

Architect Donald Powers wanted his 100-year-old cottage to be the epitome of energy efficiency. So he transformed it into a net-zero home.


Bauhaus School of Design | All Over Modern

The philosophy of the German Bauhaus school of art and design drives this Dallas-based custom builder


Q + A: The Art of Craft

John Hourihan talks about the vintage approach for home building details and for customer service.

Case Studies

Custom Remodel: Welcome Changes for an Old Tudor

A remodel transforms a dark, century-old Tudor house with little connection to the outdoors into a welcoming home with abundant natural light and attributes suited to the family's lifestyle and tastes

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