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Building a Custom Wine Cube in an NYC Penthouse

An 11-foot wine cube enveloping a pantry is the stand out features of this customized West Chelsea penthouse

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OSHA's Preliminary List of 2023's Most Frequently Cited Standards in Violations

Fall-related violations continue to plague the construction industry despite ample free education and resources 

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  • Happy place home project wide view with yacht

    Homebuyers will pay a premium for a waterfront property. In February 2023, the median home price in Longboat Key was $1.5 million, compared with prices in Sarasota (which has only limited waterfront space) where homes cost about three times less ($495,000 median price), despite the city being just across the bay, according to Redfin.

  • Happy place home project front exterior

    Near the front water feature is a ponytail palm. Landscape designer Stephen Hazeltine says it’s rare to see such a mature specimen of this very slow growing plant native to Mexico.

  • Happy place home project pool

    Hazeltine says the column in the pool isn’t in danger of moisture damage because of how it’s built. “The pool’s shell was poured around the column itself,” he says, “so it’s basically separate from the pool.”

  • Happy place home project deck and backyard

    Local codes prohibit building over the seawall, so in extending the deck, Perrone says, the team decided to cut down into the wall in order to extend the deck out and connect it to the dock.

  • Happy place home project kitchen and view

    The angle of the home and the landscaping create well-framed views of downtown Saratoga from nearly any window on the rear elevation.

  • Happy place home project overhead pool

    The pool’s concrete shell was poured in such a way that it’s separate from the house, Hazeltine says, “so if there’s any movement of the pool or the home, one won’t affect the other.”

  • Happy place home project living room with a view

    Interior designer Angela Rodriguez says she wanted the home to have a “strong feeling of connection to the land and water,” and this was a guiding principle in her design of the interiors.

  • Happy place home project kitchen and living room

    While the trim and molding details are painted to mimic the look and texture of wood, they are actually made of a composite material. And their appearance looks authentic: “If you were holding the corbels,” Perrone says, “you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.”

  • Happy place home project bedroom

    The home’s many interior details help to provide structure and continuity throughout the home, while the spaces maintain a feeling of uncluttered openness and connection to the water views .

  • Happy place home project primary bathroom

    The home’s primary bath features a mix of natural and natural-appearing materials, from metal to stone to engineered wood.



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Building a Custom Wine Cube in an NYC Penthouse

An 11-foot wine cube enveloping a pantry is the stand out features of this customized West Chelsea penthouse

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